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Playing Ultimate
About playing Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact team sport. It involves strategy, speed, skills and a lot of running.

The goal of Ultimate frisbee is to catch the disc in the end zone of the opponent. This can be achieved by passing the disc around between you and your teammates. Walking with the disc is not allowed, you can only pivot around one foot after catching the disc. You have 10 seconds each time to throw the disc. Your defender will count them out loud. If the disc touches the ground or the other team catches or intercepts it, the defending team gains possession and will try to get the disc to the other side for a score.

A remarkable thing about Ultimate frisbee is that there is no referee. The players need to call fouls and violations themselves. That’s why a good spirit and knowledge of the rules is very important in Ultimate frisbee. After each game, the spirit of the game is discussed with the opposing team in a so-called spirit circle.

More information
For more information, check out Ultimate on Wikipedia or Youtube.