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Special Force Award
What is the Special Force Award?
The Special Force Award is awarded by the board every year during the New Year's drinks. Club members can nominate someone who they think deserves special recognition for their unique commitment over the past year. The board reviews the nominations and selects the most suitable candidate. He/she may keep the statue and the bragging rights for a year.
Past Winners
2020 - Jasmine Sheppard
2019 - Lennart Hessels
2018 - Kees Koot
2017 - Andris Otisons
2016 - Stijn Pennings
2015 - Robbert van Staveren
2014 - Erik van Duin
2013 - Ingeborg Kuijlaars
2012 - Paul Dezentje
2011 - Evelien van Bokhorst
2010 - Oscar Gomez
2009 - Lutz Mürau
2008 - Yvonne Wattez
2007 - Hildo Bijl
2006 - Hans Dauwerse
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