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Social Safety
What is our aim?
In our club it’s very important to feel at home and safe. This is why in Force Elektro, like in many other clubs, we have trust persons (vertrouwenscontactpersonen). Our trust persons are active members and are thus aware of the ins and outs of the club. They’re Forcies just like you, however, they have a special role. Trust persons serve as an easy point of contact for both members and affiliated parties to the club, for example when feeling unsafe or insecure about a situation. These situations might entail (sexual) harassment, aggression and violence, bullying or discrimination. Our trust persons are also open to safely talk about other problems that members might be experiencing.

Our trust persons have followed an NOC-NSF course about being a trust person, however: they are not professional. The trust persons are there to help you find a solution for your problem. Sometimes just a conversation can be enough, but in other situations follow-up steps might be necessary. Trust persons are there to help you take action when needed.

Our trust persons are Annemarijn Boon, Rick Karreman and Emma Korf. They can be reached through their email accounts or their phone numbers (see details below). We will do our best to reply within 2 days.
Also check out our Code of Conduct and Trainer Etiquette.
Contact details

Annemarijn Boon
+31 6 34642492
Rick Karreman
+31 6 22894764
Emma Korf
+31 6 47027663
Social Media
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