Force Elektro
Playing Ultimate
At Force Elektro, we have a lot of fun committees you can join. They form a great way to get to know and work together with fellow members and help out the club.
If you like organising fun stuff, the activity committee is definitely something for you. As a member of this committee, you and your partners in crime will organise activities and tend to the social aspect of the club. These activities can range from having dinner together after competition days over a day at the beach to wall climbing, trampolining or ice skating. Definitely lots of fun.
City League
Every year, Force Elektro organises City League, a small three-day competition in Delft which aims to promote Ultimate among fellow students. Everyone is allowed to join! Our City League committee takes care of organising and promoting the event. This mainly includes setting up the promotion though social media and flyering and of course overseeing the games on the days themselves.
Lightning Cup
As an alternative to the national outdoor competition, Force Elektro organises Lightning Cup, a regional competition close to Delft! The Lightning Cup committee takes care of promotion, registrations, finances and scheduling, making Lightning Cup into a very tempting alternative to the national competition.
Rising High
This committee organises our own international tournament Rising High. Started in 2010, we celebrated the tenth edition of Rising High this year! Organising this beautiful tournament is alway tons of fun and very rewarding. More info about Rising High can be found here.
As you might have guessed, the gear committee is responsible for the gear. They will put out orders so that all the members of Force can get their jerseys, shorts, discs, sweaters and other cool items. They're also responsible for the amazing designs we currently walk around in.
The Website Committee started building a brand new website last academic year. This year, they are working on improving it by implementing a member space and updating it where needed. A perfect way to work on your creative and technical skills!
Club weekend
Every year, Force Elektro organises a club weekend. Last year's edition was a huge success with two days full of great activities and beer. Do you want to make up the schedule for the next weekend, arrange the menu or guard the money? Join the committee.
OWee and IP take place every year before the beginning of the first and second semester, respectively, to introduce new students at the TU Delft to the different sports and student associations. Our committee takes care of planning Force Elektro’s promotional activities as well as introduction practices during OWee and IP in order to lure as many new members as possible to our awesome club.
Social Media
Force Elektro is also active on social media. Make sure to check it out!